Hong Kong is commercial hub in the world and as a central it is a great site for food lovers. Central Hong Kong is dinning paradise for food-obsessed people and counts in one of the highest ratio of restaurants per head in the world. So when you are in Hong Kong for business or enjoyment then surely you are here for food. Some says Hong Kong is solely famous for its food scenes but when you need beauty around your dining table then this place is for you. It feels like sitting in heaven when eating food in Michelin-starred restaurants surrounded by artistic scenery Hong Kong. It is best culinary destination is Asia .We can see a blend of two cultures in Hong Kong and Hong Kongers go for five meals a day. We have picked few must-visit restaurants in Hong Kong.

Lung King Heen:

This is the first ever Chinese restaurant to win three Michelin stars and ranked as Asian 10th best restaurant. If you have to find ultimate dinning cantones meal in Hong Kong than this place is for you. This restaurant is little costly but it’s delicious food and dining room would surely impress you. But if you are in Central Hong Kong and looking for best restaurant, just visit this link https://smudgeeats.com/directory/central/restaurants/ 

Ho Lee Fook:

As a name of restaurant suggests, it take fun loving an irreverent approach to food. This restaurant is famous for Asian cuisine food. It has also Chinese food on menu including pork belly and dumplings.

Boo Innovations:

This is also a three starred Michelin restaurant. The chef in the restaurant use gastronomy molecular techniques and all the dishes are served in clever way along with utensil and different accessories. The creative dishes of this restaurant are pigeon with shiitake mushroom cake, Bo chicken rice with wood ear mushroom, scallop ceviche, and langoustine with black truffle.

One Dim Sum:

This restaurant is usually packed with loyal locals. One Dim Sum earned Michelin star in 2016. It has 45 dishes on menu i.e. steamed vermicelli rolls with prawns, the nutty chiu chew dumplings, the steamed crystal prawn dumplings, light barbecue pork buns, and the flavorful steamed minced beef meatballs. Three dishes are enough for single person and you would also get a cup of coffee in the end.

Okra Hong Kong:

This is one of the best Japanese restaurant in the town. This is pretty causal restaurant and the second outpost Max Levy behind Okra Beijing. sit on backless stools on sleek table, high tables for couples and order for small creative dishes. These include roasted eel on crispy sushi rice, marinated quail, and carabinero prawn soup with sweet, delicate Spanish prawns the intensely flavorful Brussel sprouts with homemade XO-sauce. This restaurant is mostly busy on nights and weekends.

Luk Yu Tea House:

Luk Yu Tea is present in every tourist guidebook and its worth putting up due to its 1930’s stunning décor and sweet pork. This restaurant also has its branches in china.