First let me this straight, as irrational as this sounds, Procrastination and Laziness are two different things and why we need to get the fact imprinted on our mind is because we inevitably tend to think that the only reason we procrastinate is because being lazy runs in our veins. But scratch that belief. In fact when you’re lazy, you feel inactive and sluggish, you improvidently push anything that comes your way as you’re just not in the mood for it. But when you procrastinate, you avoid the task at hand and settle for something simpler. Now that you know you’re not a victim of lethargies, avoiding procrastination is just a matter of reading and implementing a few tips.

Get rid of the ‘Ding Ding’s.

You’ve got an assignment with a deadline but instead of doing research and typing in the text, you find yourself typing a million hashtags like, birthdaycakesAuckland, birthday cakes, etc. on your recent Instagram post about a birthday cake. “Put your cell phone away, turn off your notifications and don’t keep tabs open.” Says David Ballard head of American Psychological Association. Distractions can be one significant reason why you avoid what should be done and simply resolve for what you want to do. It’s true. A face book notification, along with a phone vibration will have successfully grabbed your attention. And then it simply becomes a chain reaction. Sounds familiar? Trust me you’re not the only one. Try keeping your phone away or give it someone for the time period perhaps and work in an environment that’ll motivate you.

Make Use Of Stationaries and Planners.

Now who doesn’t fancy a fancy notepad and a few neon highlighters? Simple things like a proper planner and cool stationary can easily prompt you to do what you don’t want to. As long as it comes with an element of fun it will elevateyour interest, so go out for some stationary shopping and buy a few coloured sticky notes and a conspicuous table calendar. If you’re lazy to go out then get it with a tap on your phone! Planners or even alarms you set on your phone can help you remind you’ve got to get it done. Go here for mor information about cake shop. 

Treat Yourself. 

Most of the time the reason why we tend to dodgewhat we’re supposed to do is because it’s boring and repetitive. For example you might have to clean your wardrobe that’s a chaotic mess or wash your laundry which is piling up like a mountain in the corner of your room. But you stick to “Nah. I’ll get it done tomorrow. For sure of course.” Only to realize you’re left with unwashed jeans for work the next day. Rewarding yourself can help you get something done. For example, promise that you’ll treat yourself with a nice milkshake from that diner that’s screaming with the neon signs “The best desserts and proper birthday cakes Auckland” down your street. If the workload is heavy, motivate yourself to get it done by the week, so you can treat yourself better in the weekend! Remember, you can only reward yourself when you get your priorities through.

Having a Partner Can Help.

Having a friend or colleague to help you out or do team work can actually make your work a lot less boring and far more fun. Even if you idle around and slackon your work you’ll always have your friend to remind you and vice versa, hence holding each other accountable for your goals. This method is bound to work since both of you will try your best to get productive together and finish it as fast as possible.