With Italian’s passion for a table, it has paved the way to the creation of some popular dishes. It has made some rituals to go along with it too. However, there is a lot more than travelers should consider than just sitting down and twirling the spaghetti around their fork. Here are some of the guidelines for drinking and eating like an Italian:

No to Breakfast Business Conferences

An Italian breakfast is simple compared to the US version. It would usually compost of coffee and sweet only. So for business meetings, stick with dinner or lunch to bring your people altogether.

No Salad for Dinner or Lunch

In Italy, salad comes lastly after eating and not before. It serves to help the diner digest his food and not to fill one up. It is a simple meal with no excessive dressing. For those who wish something before eating at an Italian restaurants, you can have antipasti instead.

No Bread with Pasta

Italians don’t like eating two carbs at the same time. You can have a piece of bread to wipe the sauce at your plate. This practice is known in Italy as the ‘fare la Scarpetta.’Pasta is EverythingPasta is forever the first choice even if the weather is hot. Families often bring pasta at seaside lunches and ideal venues for event. You can see at restaurants near the beach dishes like spaghetti with clams instead of spaghetti with meat.Furthermore, there are rules in eating pasta. First, make sure that you do not cut into pieces your pasta. Next, you can take two strands of pasta. Then, let it twirl it at your fork. With this, you will now have the best amount of pasta to eat. This will also belong to the place.

Wine for Lunch

It is okay to have wines during lunch at bars. But of course, it depends upon the place and time of the meeting.Meanwhile, wine is chosen to go along with the pasta. As such, it is best to enjoy those things together. Italians don’t like getting tipsy before they eat their meals.You would rarely see people have cocktails before dinner. This would mess with the flavor of their meals. But of course, you can have a sip especially if you are hosting a toast before the food is served.

Knife and Fork for Pizza

When eating at Italian function venues, eat the pizza with the knife and fork. For takeaway pizzas, you can eat it with your hands.In sum, there are various things that you should remember when eating in an Italian place. This is to enjoy the experience and give appreciations to the delicious meal being served to you.